Clubhouse Caravan Charters is the Bay Area’s only fleet of mobile bar spaces for hire.

Susan Donaldson and Scheffer Ely have lovingly rebuilt vintage vehicles into spaces that reflect the inspiration and spirit behind our name: a nostalgia for the clubhouses of our childhood.  

Each of our caravans have been customized by us using a mix of reclaimed and new materials, sweat, sketches, plans and dreams. And the occasional curse word.  Just like we did it as kids. 


The idea for providing vintage trailers as rentable space arose from our experience running a mobile retail store within a vintage caravan at various Bay Area events and street markets. As a pop-up shop in a shiny "Canned Ham", we routinely stood out among the standard white tents, tables and booths.

We've been inspired by how much our approach resonated with folks and generated such enthusiasm for the ways we were re-purposing a retro caravan and capitalizing on modern technology to bring our store to the people.  Additionally, the creativity and DIY ethic our mobile business inspired in us felt reminiscent of the freedom, imagination and play our childhood clubhouses nurtured.

We realized that the type of mobile bar we fashioned and the festive vibe it creates could be expanded to support a variety of uses. Events both large and small need mobile AND impactful solutions beyond the standard serving tables, carts and bar facades. 


With this vision in mind, we set upon acquiring and customizing a fleet of vintage vehicles to be used as mobile bars as well as lounges, serving stations, DJ booths and more. Shortly after we introduced our initial fleet of caravans to event planners, caterers and private party hosts, we were received with lots of excitement and bookings.  We're a mobile bar at a wedding, an ice cream station at a 50th birthday party, a DJ booth at a family reunion, a buyer's lounge at a retail trade show.  We've also added prop and decor rentals too so you can add unique style to your event from our collection of eclectic decor from around the world.  

And we've also been able to help others make their mobile dreams a reality: hire us to renovate your Airstream into a backyard office or guest house, customize your food truck or build your coffee cart from the ground up.  

Contact us here for more information or to inquire about booking!