We know there are limited options when it comes to kid parties.   Especially kid parties that adults enjoy!  Our Clubhouses offer you a one-stop solution for something new and fun.  We can work with your party theme or help you plan one.  Here's a few ideas for birthday parties and "kid zones" for events with kids and adults:

  • Dress-up party - a Clubhouse full of costumes, mirrors, accessories and make-a-crown goodie bags/take home activity.
  • Tea party - a Clubhouse stocked with princess dresses and a sit-down tea party.  
  • Karaoke - kids love that microphone!
  • Arts & Craft Zone - add a Clubhouse full of arts and crafts activities for a place for the kids to hang out during a family party. 
  • Movie Night  - instead of sticking the kids in front of a the living room TV during a family party, have them hangout in the Movie Night Clubhouse: sleeping bags, popcorn and a movie.  Snug as bugs while you're having some fun!